What We Do

A well-developed business plan is essential to chart the strategic course for a public safety training center project. Future project funding opportunities and operational considerations demand that vital components of a business plan be developed.

We are the national authority on the development of Strategic Business Plans for Public Safety Training Centers for law enforcement and the fire service. We’ve been helping public safety agencies for over 20+ years. If you are responsible for facility Planning, Operating, Expanding, or Partnering with others you have come to the right place.


Our Area of Authority - Making the Case

Why build it?

What do we need?

How can we justify it?

What will it cost?

Co-location challenges involving the police and fire departments?

Vendor selection with respect to both design and specialized training equipment.

Training center construction priorities based on needs and construction effeciency

Daily training center operations or "house" rules of a co-located facility

Revenue opportunities helping to off-set annual operations

What are the design, operational, and maintenance aspects of training props?

Regional relationships with other agencies

The key objectives of a strategic/business plan will enable you to respond to the following questions:

  1. Who will use the training facility?
  2. What training will be provided at the training facility?
  3. What will it cost to annually operate the training facility?
  4. How will the training facility operate on a daily or a yearly basis?
  5. What is the Cost Benefit and Risk of the training facility over existing training methods?
  6. What forms of funding opportunities are available for the training facility?

How do we do it?

Our experience in this extremely specialized area is unmatched and our success rate is unparalleled. How do we do it? Simply stated, we approach it as a new business; a business for which there will be strategic planning, political ramifications, environmental concerns, funding and grant acquisition strategies, operational planning, maintenance and cost projections for the future, and so on. We can help guide you through the often-overwhelming process and provide you with the critical component for success — an in-depth, comprehensive strategic/business plan.  This strategic/business plan is the foundation for the entire project and is crucial in the earliest stages — long before design or construction begins.

The Business Plan Processor method that we employ is unique. It is a product of research and years of successful projects. We have developed Strategic Business Plans for small departments as well as large multi-municipal government agencies, community colleges and universities. The process is a collection of activity tasks that when completed comprises a comprehensive Strategic Business Plan. The Business Plan Process is all encompassing and answers every question that users, administrators and officials are likely to have. The following graphic lists each step in the Business Plan Processor.